January 16, 2015


Rory Mulholland Scenery is an established NYC scene shop. We collaborate closely with designers, production companies, choreographers and artists on all levels to craft solutions for the intricate designs and ideas brought to the table.

Our team is versed in the mediums of drafting and design, painting, sculpting, lighting, metalworking, woodworking, cabinetry and furniture making and upholstery. We are art-school trained and have experience working in theater, TV, event spaces, galleries, museums and both residential and business interiors.

We are dedicated to keeping our fees fair. Our goal is to bring the highest caliber of design to life.

Please contact us at Rory@rmscenery.com or (718) 861-7604 with any and all requests.


Our 5,000 sq. ft. scene shop is ready for your project!

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